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Electrical Distribution and Mechanical Panels
Building Automation solutions

Our Recent Projects

University of Cyprus
BMS to control the airconditioning system of the new antiseismic building of the University of Cyprus in Nicosia. The system manage the heating and cooling operation.
Aliathon holiday Village Paphos
We used an advanced network system to communicate through the whole holiday Village and integrate seven independent building in one system
Electricity Authority of Cyprus
BAS to control the new Data Recovery Center of Electricity Authority of Cyprus at Vasilikos Power plant. The system integrates Airconditioning system, Access control system, Fire Detection system, UPS system, Auxiliary Generator system and provides crucial information to the user.
European University of Cyprus
The BMS controls the airconditioning system of the European University of Cyprus
Wargaming Head Office
Wargaming head office in Nicosia has a BMS system which operates as needed to provide continuous information and control of the server rooms cooling system, building water leak detection system, water system and energy consumption. The BMS manages all mechanical equipment to ensure efficiency and reliability of operation.

Other  BMS Projects

Hotels Protaras
  • Sunrise Hotel
  • Rising Star Hotel
  • Golden Star Hotel
  • Mandali Hotel
  • Evalena Hotel
  • Vrisaki Hotel

Hotels Agia Napa
  • Atlantica Mare Hotel
  • Melissi Hotel
  • Aenias Hotel
  • Vasos Hotel
  • Asterias Hotel

Hotels Paphos
  • King Evelthon Hotel
  • Alexander Hotel

Buildings Paphos
  • EAC of Paphos 
  • Alfa Mega Hypermarket
  • Municipal hall of Pegia

Buildings Limasol

  • Fameline Properties
  • Gevo

Buildings Larnaca
  • Timios Stavros Medical Center
  • Alfa Mega Larnaca

Buildings Nicosia

  • Terra Santa Private School
  • Forum Private School
  • University of Cyprus
  • COOP Strovolou
  • Wargaming Parking

Other  KNX Projects

  • Alfa Mega Supermarket Latsia
  • Paphos Airport
  • Asterias Hotel Agia Napa
  • Capo Bay Hotel
  • Heritage Private School Limasol
  • Technical School Larnaka
  • Technical School Paralimni
  • Other Residences